Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sterling Namaste Yoga Fairy Necklace

I am pleased to be offering these beautiful sterling silver yoga fairies to my ETSY shop collection. An ideal design for the 'yogini lovers' in your life.

Namaste (nahm-ah-stay): Greeting often heard in yoga classes. Roughly translated to honouring the light within you and me. When the light within you and me greet each other, we are one.
*Yoga term referenced from AOL health website.

A Simple 5/8” (17mm) in diameter sterling silver circular charm is lovingly hand stamped with the word ‘NAMASTE’ in my lower case fonts, the letters are oxidized to enhance the contrast, and finished with a quality polish. This custom charm is adorned with a unique sterling silver yoga fairy. The yoga fairy measures approximately 18mm x 15mm in size.

This elegant handcrafted jewelry with pure expression hangs gracefully against an 18 inch sterling silver ‘made in Italy’ double ball chain.

If preferred, I can also stamp a different yoga word, such as ‘OM’, ‘MAHA’ or ‘KARMA’. Just let me know in the in the ‘Message to Seller’ box upon your Etsy purchase.

Om: The universal mantra; cosmic vibration of the universe; represents the four states of consciousness.

Maha: Meaning “great”

Karma: Meaning “action, the act of doing”

The yoga fairy is sassy & fun...kinda like you?

Yours in Design,

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Love that yoga necklace! =)