Friday, May 8, 2009

A Prelude To The Mamas

A prelude to all the classy & fabulous mamas out there...yup, even if you don't think you are one. Trust me, you are!

Recently, I was emailed a great story {from} that pretty much sums up "life of a mommy", and seeing that Mother's Day is just around the corner, I thought it would be fitting to share this article with all my mommy friends.

How much juggling can one mama do? You are not just the CEO of Laundry, Keeper of the Family Calendar, CFO of the Family Budget and Director of Hugs, Kisses and Cuddles but much, much more - and alas, most of it doesn't come with fancy titles. And so, for Mother's Day this year we wanted to let you know just a few of the things that we appreciate about mums (IE. you!):

You willingly stay up late with a sick child, but sometimes when your child wakes up crying in the night you pretend you don't hear them in hopes your better half with get up and go in to them.

Sometimes you feel undervalued and overtired. Okay, oftentimes.

You painstakingly cut up grapes for a snack so your child doesn't choke, but there are times that you don't have time or inclination to cut up grapes and just grab some crackers.

The choices you make - cloth or disposable diapers, breastfeed or bottle, Montessori or public school - are the right choices for your family.

Doing the laundry - again! - can make you feel like Sisyphus

Some days you can be a bit nicer to your kids than you feel, but not necessarily a lot nicer.

The days can seem very, very long while the years seem to fly by.

And what do we appreciate the most? The fact that, no matter how you feel in your darkest, most frustrated moments, you are doing a bang up job. So go ahead, trust your instincts, give yourself a pat on the back and lower your standards a little. Trust us, the bar will still be set incredibly high.
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Happy Mother's Day!

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