Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Whimsical Toggle Necklace by Carmen Bowe

Each item is handmade with an unique organic touch. Letters may not be perfectly aligned or at the same depth (like machine engraved letters). This adds value and uniqueness to your one of a kind necklace. Embrace the handmade difference.

To create your one of a kind jewelry, please visit www.carmenbowe.com

Yours in Design,

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Anonymous said...

I just received the angel wing necklace with the word "strength" stamped on the disc. It's a Christmas gift for my daughter with thoughts of my mom who passed away. I know how much Amanda will love it. I received it rather quickly even though it appears to have been stuck on the highway while it was closed down during the terrible snow storm. I think the angel wing and "Strength" helped those during their horrible ordeal. Thanks so much for such a beautiful piece of art.
Cherie - Sarnia, Ontario