Friday, November 7, 2008

Keep your bling in tip top shape!

Tips on keeping your jewelry in 'tip top' shape:

*Always put on your jewelry last and avoid direct contact with beauty products (perfume and body lotions).
*Always store your jewel pieces away from direct sunlight, in an air tight container or bag. Mini zip lock bags are perfect. This helps to prevent tarnish. Store your sterling and gold jewelry in separate bags before putting into your jewelry boxes.
*Finally, you can polish your jewelry with a polishing cloth; just make sure that it is safe for your jewelry. Some polish can damage stones and remove the oxidation in the letters…so we don’t want that to happen. Read the care instructions on the polishing cloth to be certain.

For normal everyday wear:

I design my jewelry to endure normal everyday wear; however, I don’t recommend my jewel pieces to be worn while sleeping, showering, exercising or partaking in any strenuous physical activity. My jewelry is Not Recommended for those under 3 years of age.

***Not for Under 5 years:

Jewelry by Carmen Bowe is Not Recommended for those under 5 years of age. I do my best to make my jewels sturdy, but the findings, Swarovski crystals and pearls are small and I don’t want you to take any chances. Upon purchase, Buyer acknowledges that Carmen Bowe is not responsible for any accidents.

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